28 August 2017


Caffè Terzi, pure Coffee shop

Caffè Terzi represents an innovative and revolutionary point of view on the product that for decades has characterized the image of our country abroad: the Coffee and, more specifically, the Espresso.

For the first time in 2001, Caffè Terzi approached to Coffee considering it a fresh agricultural product, besides being of high quality, to be placed among the products able to create a high hedonic index and engage the Customers.

To enhance Coffee, Caffè Terzi has revised the classic conception of the Italian Cafeteria, assimilating it to the great American bars of the most important international hotels. In this way, it was possible to give back to Coffee the sacredness which for many centuries had had among the inhabitants of the horn of Africa who have known it as a spontaneous plant from undergrowth and who have considered it for centuries as an extraneous divine gift which had nothing to do with trade: it had in fact a more noble and sacred meaning, and a dedicated ceremony.

That’s why Caffè Terzi – first – conceived and built a location suitable to celebrate Coffee through product selection, toasting, processing, service and setting. Only Coffee, in its maximum expression. To date, Caffè Terzi is one of the rarest examples – if not the only one – of a very special place: the real Coffee Shop, the true Cafeteria exclusively based on Coffee and Tea pouring.

Thanks to the richness of the raw material, but also to the producing and processing techniques, the result of detailed researches, studies and trainings, as evidenced by the many diplomas shown in the first Caffè Terzi Bologna in via Oberdan 10, Caffè Terzi allows a very high commercial yield (purchase cost/earnings from sales), thus guaranteeing high profitability.

Coffee as a meditation drink is born.

Soon Customers and colleagues realized that this was a great little innovation, rewarding the efforts and choices of Caffè Terzi.

Work has grown time after time, bringing with it more and more supplying of Coffee for other venues, training for employees, professional mentorship, events and tastings, thanks to the very high quality of the product and to the passion of tasting, always treating only fresh grains from current crops, toasted to the needs, in the maximum respect for their varieties and their personalities.

Just like what the Oenologists do for the great wines coming from one single vine.

The recipient of our product is the evolved Coffee Lover – no matter whether a professional or a simple passionate – who cares about quality and knowledge, he is not a victim of fashion and trends but he’s able to decide on his own: basically, anyone who wants to taste a good Coffee!